Who are the mighty Shadow Squirrel?

Well, we’re your go-to team of roleplay campaign, oneshot and character creators, but here you can meet the Shadow Squirrels in their right and proper habitat:


Sara is a veteran roleplayer who was actually the reason why our first scenario was written up, when she decided to venture into the murky pits of GameMastering™.

Sara’s first GM’ed oneshot lasted 1 year and 5 months of weekly, hours long roleplay sessions. (Is this a world record?)

Anyway, as you can guess, she does not leave anything to chance, and her players refused to leave the game because they had WAAAAAY too much fun! (…Incidentally, that “oneshot” fleshed out roughly 80% of the locations of our City of Palisade game setting!)

Sara started out in the RPG realm of Savage Worlds, moving on to D&D5e, Pathfinder, Apocalypse World, WoD, Dungeon World, and also venturing into the underbelly of Call of Cthulhu.  She even holds the treasured RPG tournament title of “Cthulhu Masters Finalist 2018”.  Yup.  Even has the certificate to prove it.

When Sara isn’t roleplaying, she works in website design and ethical SEO, planning things with a gentle iron fist.  Oh and playing board games.  Lots and lots and lots of board games.


JJ is also a veteran roleplayer who has been GM’ing for years. He’s masterminded several amazing story arcs in the Savage Worlds campaign setting of ETU, which has his players honestly real-life agonising about their characters’ mental wellbeing (…or lack of same).

JJ is a coding wizard and is responsible for the despicable intricacies of ShadowSquirrel’s character generator.

He’s also the voice of reason, questioning the internal design decisions of the stories, so they stick together like snails in a glue factory (or… you know… three legged ferrets or something.)

When JJ isn’t roleplaying, he creates websites, yes, just like Sara does. (In case you need a website, webholism.com might be for you…) (Hey, it’s our about-page, we can totally advertise ourselves =D)


Liva is a veteran GM who was pining deeply for the chance to be a player again until she found the rest of ShadowSquirrel and mercilessly moseyed in on their group.

Complete (possibly railroaded) freedom as a PC and no responsibility? MUAHAHAHAHAHAH! Players have it easy!

Liva has run games from systems like AD&D, D&D, GURPS, Ars Magica, Vampire and Kill Puppies for Satan (…nope, not even kidding, she’s run some very bizarre stories over the last 20 years).

Liva is the weirdo who played the original ShadowSquirrel, a level 20 D&D-oneshot monk, famous for having butt-punched a ginormous demon boar to death.

As you might suspect, Liva is the group’s provider of crude toilet-humour.

When not roleplaying (in a PC-zero-responsibility-environment), Liva is a historian by education, writer, editor and a writer-mentor, teaching new and trained writers alike to improve their plots, craft, characters and writing-schedule.  (If you happen to be a writer who needs a pick-me-up, a solid editing or a plot-sparring partner, or perhaps a new writer, who needs a hand getting started, check out thewritermentor.com.)

Liva really hopes to break into the used villain resale business, though. …Fingers crossed.

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