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Pan’s Awakening

Palisade: Episode 1

When you took the job at “No Qualifications Needed” adventurers’ guild to disinvest a merchant aristocrat of a Kemlek object, you had no idea it would end in extensive omelette cooking classes!

Blame the Dwarves

Palisade: Episode 4

(WARNING: timed mission – no dallying!)

Who should take this mission? – Those No-Qualifiers of a diplomatic disposition, capable of throwing some possibly serious punches.

Into The Goatscape

Palisade: Episode 7

Murder In The Drag

Palisade: Episode 2

A few too many of the “No Qualifications Needed” adventurers’ guild’s contacts in The Drag have wound up quite dead in the last week and Guildmistress Danna Bartolin is beginning to feel she should take this personally. Be a good No-Qualifier and solve the murders, would you…

Bacon House Blues

Palisade: Episode 5

The crematorium (known among the populace as the Bacon-House) in New Town has a problem: Corpses have been disappearing from the solemn institution lately and at the same time a somewhat strange visitor to the city is investigating the sinister happenings.

Perhaps the corpses have been stolen for research, or for something equally hideous? Or are stranger than mortal forces afoot?

The Grove

Palisade: Episode 3

In the southern end of New Town sits a place called The Grove. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place of worship and contemplation and parts of the beautiful grove is open to the public (provided they behave, which is enforced by the grove-keepers). But now, ancient Oakheart of The Grove will choose a champion to help with a terrible problem threatening to tear Palisade apart (quite literally!). Sharpen your vine cutter, you’re gonna need it.

Proof Is In the Print

Palisade: Episode 6

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